Segway: It Beats Walking and So Much Fun!

Last week was hectic  — meeting after meeting, work upon work, and a crunch (see below) — but believe it or not I did manage to find time for a little fun here and there as well.
This week’s I stray a little from information mode to a little of this and that…

I think the highlight of my week was meeting Archie Hardie of Niagara Segway on Thursday.  Not only did we get together for a meeting on how YDV could help promote his business through email marketing and social media, I had a ball navigating my way along the Welland Canal on a Segway. Fun!

Archie runs a Welland Canal Tour at the Lock 3 Complex in St. Catharines on his Segways. He sets up shop on nice days and offers tours of the Welland Canal on the segway – there are three tours available all at modest fees. The tourists and locals eat it up. They can follow along the canal as the ships pass from one lock to another.

Once we had concluded our business discussions, Archie proceeded to teach me how to make these unique vehicles work. It’s all in your balance. Lean forward to go forward, lean into your heals to slow down and stop, lean back to go backward. It seemed pretty straight forward. Or so I thought!

Years back, I saw the Segways in Toronto at the CNE. At that time, I tried them out and fell in love. There couldn’t be an easier mode of transportation. On this occasion, there was an obstacle course to manipulate. What fun!

Anyway, back to my tour with Archie. So, after a brief lesson I played around while Archie got his machine out and ready and then off we went. It seemed easy. Here we are travelling along the path adjacent to the canal, dodging goose #!*# and watching out for large cracks. Archie’s warning, ‘stay on the trail’. Along the way, people are watching us – or maybe I should say staring at us all the while smiling and our little excursion.

Just when I’m starting to feel comfortable, we come to the end of the run. Archie tells me we are going to go up a hill, turn around and head back to Lock 3. Ok – I’m feeling confident – no problem. The hill wasn’t steep or all that high, not a big deal . I turned and went up the hill – all is well until we get to the top. I’m not sure what happened but my confidence disappeared and suddenly I’m going in circles, backward and every which way, but the way I wanted to go.

Ok, time to regroup! So after a moment or two of figuring out what I was doing wrong, I got my confidence back and we headed down the hill and back to the complex. Going down the hill was a little more scary than I thought. Leaning back to keep the segway slow goes against all principles – but it worked. We went down the hill at a comfortable speed, turned at the bottom and back the way we came.

By now, I’m feeling confident again. Archie and I are continuing our business discussions – I’m talking with one hand, steering with the other – great – I’ve got this thing figured out.

For me I thought the Segway was the ultimate transportation vehicle – I want one!

I thanked Archie for his time, the tour and went on my way – that’s when the day went to the dogs – I crunched my truck on a wire cable blocking a driveway – OUCH! The angle I was at and the height of the cable made it impossible to see. So much for my flawless little red truck – off for a quote to repair it I was.  It didn’t look that bad – but the cost to repair it — double OUCH!

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2 Responses to Segway: It Beats Walking and So Much Fun!

  1. Debi K says:

    You’re welcome!

  2. Archie says:

    Thanks Debi great article I’m sure we will meet again


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