Facebook Changes: Do You Hate Them Yet?

Ok – so its been almost a week. What do you think of the new facebook changes? From what I’m reading most people hate it. But as anything people in general do not like change. They want the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. What are your thoughts?

While I admit it is different. Getting used to the realtime feed in the top right is quite interesting. You can actually get mesmerized watching it scroll during high peak periods. It leaves me wondering though, how many status updates I’m missing if I’m not watching the feeds. The status updates are still being posted on the wall, but its much easier to miss them now as facebook has reprioritized what is posted and what isn’t.

One thing I do like is the ‘Subscribe’ button. No longer do you have to be friends with someone to get their feeds – or at least the feeds that that person deems ‘public’. I think this is a great addition. I have more friends on my facebook page that I don’t know than I do – mainly because of my magazine, but still they have friended me to learn what I am saying about the horses – just in case I publish something I didn’t on the magazine fanpage. So, this new subscribe button may now eliminate some of the ‘friends’ you don’t know.

Here is another new item I like. You no longer need 25 fans to get your own url for your fanpage. That didn’t make sense to me in the first place, but it makes it much easier for markeing a page if you can add your own url from day one. Not wait for those 25 fans.

From what I hear, facebook is changing a great deal in the near future. Some of those changes will make it much harder to market on facebook in that they are changing the way feeds will be picked up. Apparently they are looking for more relevancy, more content, not just quick spurts of information. One of the new features coming down the pike is Facebook Timeline. I think this might be quite interesting. From the demo I’ve seen, it appears that information will be more easily accessible with the important information staying front and centre on profiles. It does mean however some time in organizing it when it becomes available. I can see that will be a busy week for me. This is due to be available in the next few weeks.

All in all, so far I guess I like the changes. There are many more coming. If facebook always remained the same, people would get bored and move to the next greatest social media site that has moved forward in how people interact. Change in most cases is for the overall good. People are just slow to adapt.


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One Response to Facebook Changes: Do You Hate Them Yet?

  1. smoothedge says:

    Nice to know someone who has an idea where this is all going,Good work Debi

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