YDV Launches Connecting Niagara Daily To Add Social Interaction for Small Business

This weekend YDV Group launched it’s next effort to help Niagara business grow through a unique print to web to social media platform that has been in the works for a while. The platform also allows for businesses and organizations to post events on the facebook page without the need to advertise. The real value however is in the advertising and subsequent push through social media sites.

Basically, small businesses can book an ad on the Connecting Niagara Daily page in each issue of The Business Link Niagara Newspaper. Ads are sold in blocks – one block being only $150 in full colour with distribution of 15,000 through Niagara Region. That’s $0.01/reader. See our rate card for options.   But your advertising dollar doesn’t stop there it goes on.

A. Your ad is also featured front and centre on our website.
B. If a reader clicks the ad, it takes them to secondary page outlining details about your business including links to your website, email and social sites.
C.  The content of this page is used to feed our twitter account, which then places your information in Connecting Niagara Daily – an on-line free subscription based paper keeping Niagara informed.
D. The content is also pushed through our facebook fan page as well as your own twice per month (this number increases with each block of advertising purchased).

It sounds complicated I know. However, one of the biggest problems with social media promotion is a lack of interaction from your fans. Connecting Niagara creates that interaction for you. With your participation in sharing the information, that interaction will grow consistently.

Deadline for the first issue is November 18th. Book early and take advantage of almost a month of on-line advertising free. Your ad is live for a complete month – ads booked now will be live until the end of December! Call us at 905-684-6030 to book now or email advertising@connectingniagara.com.

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