The Importance of Image

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady at her place of business. I have been retained to do her new website. The reason for the meeting was to discuss what she was looking for in a website.

Her criteria:
1. professional, elegant and to reflect her business,
2. her ability to change the site as she sees fit once it is complete.

Her existing website is over 10 years old and as she puts it “an embarrassment”.  Last year she had hired a company to do her site, however what she was given didn’t reflect her business at all. It was full of mistakes, the colours and images were not a good representation of her business and there was no thought given to the content. Basically what the designer was given, was plunked on the page.

Some of this problem boils down to price – she paid for an inexpensive site and that’s what she received. I was floored however. When I walked in to her business and saw the beauty and elegance of it. The care, dedication and pride she takes in her business I couldn’t believe what she received for a website in comparison to her facility.

I believe that your website should be a reflection of the business in atmosphere and personality. The website should state all that the owner of the business and the business itself try to portray to their customers. Image is everything.  I sat with the owner of this business and her assistant for over an hour yesterday and promised to build a beautiful site that reflects their business. They were a little dismayed at how long the process would take, but ultimately were happy in the outline I provided them. And more pleased that in the end, they will be able to modify their site on their own with little outside help. This lady likes to have control and in this instance she will get it once the site is complete.

The funny thing was, I was dreading this meeting yesterday. I was expecting a problem client due to the circumstances that had been presented to me. In the end, I left feeling wonderful and looking forward to creating the site. It truly was a pleasure to meet the owner and her assistant. It changed the outlook of the rest of my day.   Now to live up to what I said I could do.

I like to meet my clients in their place of business when possible. For me it is important to have a good understanding of their personality, the personality of the business if you can say a business has a personality and to ensure that the work I do reflects that of the owner and the business. It is very difficult to get a feel for a client and their business via phone and email.

Image is everything!

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