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Business Feature: Smooth Edge Sharpening Service

When I was a child, I remember the old man that walked the streets of Guelph (where I was born and raised) with his little cart and the jingling bells on top, calling out to the housewives to have their knives and scissors sharpened. I guess I’m dating myself.

On each street, the women ran from their homes, knives in hand – quite frankly, it looked like something out of a horror movie. But needless to say they came.

Gone are the days of the wooden cart and bells, (i would like to see it make a come-back actually), but not to worry,  Smooth Edge Sharpening Service has revived the mobile sharpening service in his van. I for one didn’t know where to take my knives before meeting Brian Jones. I always talked my father into doing them for me.

Knives, scissors, clipper blades, pruning shears almost anything can be sharpened by Brian Jones of Smooth Edge Sharpening Service. Brian believes sharp tools create less strain on your hands, arm and body, increase productivity and reduce expenses in the long run.

Smooth Edge Sharpening Service is a mobile sharpening service serving the Niagara Peninsula from Hamilton to the Niagara River. He has scheduled routes in each area of Niagara on specific days to serve his customers most efficiently. He also has a convenient mail-in service and a drop-off location at HorseWorld Emporium at 27 Maywood, St. Catharines.

Industries serviced include: Hairstylists (convex, bevel edge & clipper blades); Pet Grooming (scissors and clipper blades); Restaurants (all types of knives); Seamstress shearsHome (knives, scissors and blades). His prices are quite reasonable and the quality of the sharpening is excellent.

Brian Jones is factory certified on all equipment, a certified instructor and master sharpener on the Xzacta sharpening system. Smooth Edge Sharpening Service provides professional sharpening on scissors, clipper blades, knives, felco pruner blades.

My partner fancies himself somewhat of a cook and has quite the collection of knives in the kitchen. In a meeting I had with Brian to get him started in social media, Brian offered to sharpen a couple of our knives. One of those knives was damaged to the point where we haven’t been using it. Deep nicks in the blade prevented smooth cutting. Brian did a ‘quick sharpen’ on it and recommended I give it back to him at a later date for a complete repair of the blade. I’ve yet to do that, but so far we are using the knife again. Our other knives that Brian sharpened are cutting like new. We were quite pleased.

Brian also sells knives, scissors and razors at reasonable prices. Visit for specials on his products. And give him a call to be added to his route. Smooth Edge Sharpening can also be found on facebook

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