Moving Can Be Very Stressful

I should know. In my lifetime, I’ve moved more than I care to think. When my brother’s and I were young, our mother sold real estate. It seemed that every time she found a house she liked, we moved again. One of the homes we lived in, we weren’t even there a year – 363 days to be exact. Too bad — I really liked that house. I had the mauve bedroom I had always dreamed about (I was 9-years-old) with wrap around windows, a swimming pool and school was a hop, skip, and a jump away.

One of our most memorable moves was after we had moved to St. Catharines from Guelph. My dad had changed jobs bringing us to Niagara. That was in 1979. Needless to say I’ve been in Niagara longer than I lived in Guelph. Anyway, this particular move was extremely stressful. We moved from 122 Lakeshore Rd., Unit 6 to 122 Lakeshore Rd., Unit 8. Yes, that’s right. We moved two doors down. My dad in his infinite wisdom decided with 2 teenagers and a tween, that we could move without the aid of a moving company. What a nightmare!

First of all, we didn’t pack anything. For a week, we carried items from one unit to another, piece by piece, stack on stack, furniture piece by furniture piece. That move went on forever. Then came having to move the fridge, stove, huge freezer, washer, dryer.  Oh my! I think at that point a moving truck showed up with a dolly. But where were they for the rest of the house? Never again!

This year, I moved again. Believe me when I say I was stressed! And I don’t stress easily. After calling a couple moving companies that turned out to be booked and couldn’t help, one quoted an outrageous amount and then a friend recommended Edgar from Johnson Moving & Storage. Edgar gave me a quick quote on the phone, came out to verify the contents and stuck with his quote and showed up on time with a crew to move my 4000 sq ft home.  The tough part was we were moving to a house half the size – so all the items going to storage had to go in the truck first.

That was the first time in  years I had lost my cool!

As the day progressed all our furniture was expertly loaded into the trucks and delivered to our new home. I felt sorry for Edgar’s employees. I had them putting furniture in one spot then moving it to another, and back again. But the job was done.

Edgar’s crew at Johnson Moving & Storage were professional and careful with our furniture and personal items. They made the day less stressful – and if you know me, you know that was a very stressful week.

One thing I can tell you – if you’re planning on moving and know the date, book it now. Moving companies dates fill fast especially during peak moving months. If you visit Connecting Niagara’s page for Johnson Moving, you will find an offer there that includes 4 FREE wardrobe boxes with your booking. Wardrobe boxes beat garbage bags for your clothes – that’s for sure.

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  1. Thank-you to all our customers since 1967 !

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