How are you going to beat the winter blahs? Vacation any one?

This fall so far all we can really complain about is the rain. The temperatures have been fantastic. Heck, I’m afraid the tulips and daffodils are going to get confused and bloom now. But you know these warm temperatures will change to freezing cold and the snow will come!

Right now, I’m sure your thoughts are on Christmas shopping, not planning your March vacation to the warm and sunny south. However, now really is the time to be thinking about where you will go and booking that trip. Hey – wouldn’t a family vacation make a nice gift to wrap and put under the tree?

I know an envelope under the tree is kind of boring. But there’s a lot you can do. For example: If you’re going to Mexico, you could find a toy maraca and wrap it in a big box, throw in a jar of salsa, a bottle of tequila and maybe a pirate ship if you’re going to Puerto Vallarta (the Marigalante is always an enjoyable evening cruise on the bay). Anyway, the box will be a half-decent size and will make noise (from the maraca) if the children should shake it.

So back to booking. Do you book your own vacations on one of the discount sites? Are you pleased with the result? I think you might be surprised to know that if you called a travel agent you could probably get an even better deal on your vacation than the so-called deals on the big vacation sites. You’ll certainly get a lot more options as far as inclusions, airfare and discounts for tours, etc. from using an agent. These complete packages are just not available through the big travel sites.

I personally use a travel agent all the time. I want the knowledge of speaking to a real person to book ensuring all my questions are answered. I want to know that should something go wrong, I have a real person I can call. I want to know that someone else has been there, done that! So when I travel I call Four Point Travel in St. Catharines. Danuella and her staff are always pleasant and guess what – chances are – they’ve been there!

Years ago, the big travel sites did offer big last-minute savings, but not really any more. The savings is in booking six or more weeks out! So plan ahead and give my friends at Four Point Travel a call 905-688-5500. Tell them Debi sent you!


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