Yee Hah! The West in the City

Many of you know I am quite involved in the horse industy in Niagara, and many of you know one of my clients is HorseWorld Emporium. But how many of you know that there is something in that store for almost everyone?

While the name says ‘horse’, this store has so much more. If you haven’t been in make it a point of dropping by – especially if you’re still working on your Christmas shopping.

The store is geared to “The Western Lifestyle in All of Us” with the largest selection of cowboy boots, rain boots, mucklucks and even moccasins that you have seen – over 600 pairs of boots in stock. With names like Justin, Nacona, Abilene, Old West, Muckboot and so many others, we can’t name them all, we’re sure you will find a pair of boots for your next concert, or even for work. HorseWorld even carries steel-toed boots!

Wrangler, Roper, Twenty X and Outback Trading Company rounds out apparel for the average person – great shirts, jeans, jackets and vests – not to mention the oil skins with hats to match.  Did I mention the leather belts and buckles? Yes, I said leather – none of these faux-leather things.

Purses, wallets, knick-knacks, toys, stationery, jewellery – I could write a book.

And I bet you don’t know HorseWorld has a large selection of dog collars and leads – many that are custom-made at their store. Leather walking and training leads, collars, muzzles. If you have a dog that is hard to fit, they will custom make the collar or muzzle. They also just received a new shipment of dog blankets starting at $29.95 . They carry the large breed blankets – as many others don’t.

And our last little tidbit of information – HorseWorld repairs all types of leather products, or can custom make pretty much any thing you are looking for in leather products (apparel excluded, but they do sell leather vests and gloves). The back of the store hosts a large selection of leather for your own projects as well as almost every type of buckle, concho and fastener you could imagine.

Like I said – they are so much more than a store for horses – of course they have all the tack, saddles and riding apparel you will ever need as well.

Drop by today – tell them Debi sent you!

Oh and don’t forget to ask for a Tim Cox calendar – beautiful scenery!

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