“Home for the Holidays”

I have never enjoyed myself so much listening to Christmas Carols before. What a performance!

Saturday night, a friend and I set off for Sean O’Sullivan Theatre at Brock to take in the beautifully orchestrated performance of “Home for the Holidays” with Chorus Niagara and Niagara Symphony. I had no idea what to expect having never attended a live orchestra and choral performance before. I was delighted. Their performance finally put me in the Holiday Spirit.

Chorus Niagara’s, Robert Cooper was the guest conductor for the evening, enchanting all with his intro’s to many of the musical pieces performed. He made the evening fun and quite entertaining.  We, as the audience were asked to participate in a few of the carols performed with  The Twelve Days of Christmas  being the highlight as far as audience participation and fun was concerned. Believe me, I was very happy to be born in December. I only had to stand and sing once for the “twelve drummers drumming”. Those born in January were up and down like yo-yo’s. It was very difficult to sing among the laughter of enjoying this entertaining rendition.

Barbara Budd‘s narration of Brother Heinrich’s Christmas, coupled with the enchanting bassoon (I had never seen this instrument before) being the voice as Sigismund, the donkey made this tale open your imagination to the possibilities. Eeee. Awwww.

And finally, I think my heart stopped listening to the beautiful voice of soprano, Stephanie Tritchew performing O Holy Night (Cantique de Noel) . You may remember her from Chorus Niagara’s Flash Mob performance at Seaway Mall just over one year ago. She was the vocalist that started the ball rolling that eventful day in Welland. Incidentally the flash mob video on youtube has been viewed over 35 Million times. Can you believe that? Gone viral – definitely! The encore performance for the evening was Hallelujah.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and as I mentioned, it did put me in the holiday spirit finally. My friend and I discussed the performance and how much we enjoyed it all the way home. As it turns out, my friend knew many people in attendance Saturday night and the granddaughter of one of those friends was singing in the choir. I think we both became fans! The beautiful voices of the chorus members brought a joy to my heart that is hard to explain if you haven’t had the opportunity to hear them.

Chorus Niagara’s next performance will be that of the Children’s Choir Wednesday evening.

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2 Responses to “Home for the Holidays”

  1. Robert Cooper says:

    Dear Debi
    We have yet to meet! Many thanks for your most generous commentary on our H4TH program…as a newcomer to the live concert performance experience I find your observations very interesting and helpful! I look forward to our crossing paths in the new year …thanks so much for all you are doing to strengthen our CN marketing initiatives.
    All best for a happy Christmas…

    Robert Cooper

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