Are you “Made in Welland”?

Just 2 turns from Toronto. Just 2 turns from New York State.

Welland certainly is a central hub even for us here in Niagara. There is always something happening in Welland to draw you and I as well as big business.

We have what it takes. Do you?
Welland has quickly become a shining star in the international spotlight. And for good reason.

With easy access to 75% of North America’s purchasing power, your products and services can get to market fast. Local, regional, provincial and national financial incentive programs – over 50 to choose from, and tailored to your specific needs – are available to help make your move.  Just ask us about eligibility requirements for grant and low-cost financing options.

When you’re ready to open your doors, our highly skilled labour force will be ready too: over 25,000 strong with the some of the best minds, best training and best experience in the country. Like you, we’re looking ahead. Welland is marshalling both public and private resources through academic and industry partnerships, driving research and innovation to ensure sustainable growth for our businesses, citizens and partners.

Made in Welland has become a symbol of excellence that is recognized by industry partners internationally. ” from

Back to you and I — the Rose Festival and the Niagara Regional Exhibition are a couple of my favourites, not to mention the canal, great shopping, food and entertainment happening each month. There is always something that draws me to Welland on a weekly basis.

I remember as a teen trying to figure out how to get to Welland to go rollerskating, (the Welland rink had the best floor at the time – I know, I’m dating myself but…) not to mention all the time I spent in class at Niagara College. One thing I’ve noticed recently is pretty much every visit to Welland I make, I find something new – a new business, a new development, something… How about the brand-spanken new Welland Toyota dealership on Niagara St. That seemed to pop up out of no where.  Like I said – something new consistently!

Below is a video I ran across on twitter a month or so ago, and while it does traverse the complete Canal, it is a unique visual of  the Welland Canal as if you were on a ship, rather than driving the roadways that follow its path.

If you haven’t been to Welland recently, check it out and

Economic Development Office 
Corporation of the City of Welland
60 East Main Street, Welland, ON L3B 3X4
Tel: [905] 735-1700 ext. 2110 or 1-800-735-3771
Fax: [905] 735-1543 

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