There’s something to be said for Walk-In Service

As much as I hate getting my hair cut and coloured, it is a necessary evil. While some women treasure the pampering at their favourtie salon – me, well it’s get ‘er done!  First my hair is nothing fantastic, short, fine and it does nothing. So other than a quick trim and occasional colour, I want it to be fast and simple.

My other problem here is making appointments. Personal beautifying comes second, third and fourth to the rat-race of my life. Business first, all else later. Which keeps me at this computer, sometimes I think 24/7. Not quite, but almost. That being said, I want to get my hair cut on a whim. During that rare occasion that I find I have a few minutes between appointments. But, I do want it cut properly and with care.

Sure, anyone can go in to the quick cut places, but that’s not my cup of tea either.

Finally, I have found a small salon on the corner of Maywood Ave., and Scott St. W.,  here in St. Catharines called – you guessed it – Maywood Hair Design. It is operated by Deborah Dueck offering almost 30 years experience. She is a one woman show, eager to chat and have a lively conversation with you while cutting your hair. For the most part, there’s no appointment necessary. Just drop in.

A unisex salon, Deborah offers cuts, colours, perms, highlights and even beard and mustache trims for men, along with cutting her hair. Her salon reminds me of the old fashioned barber shops – maybe its the red and white stripes on the outside of the building. It’s convenient, the pricing is awesome $40 for a colour – wow! And I’m in and out lickity-split.  Of course you can book an appointment to be guaranteed she’s not busy as well, which I recently did knowing I wanted my hair done for a holiday event I attended. It was time for that dratted colour again.

So the next time you’re in a hurry – man, woman or child – drop in to Maywood Hair Design.

Maywood Hair Design
75 Scott St. W.,
St. Catharines

Since the idea of this contest is to spread the word about Connecting Niagara’s advertisers, and since Maywood Hair Design does not have a fanpage yet, we’ve hidden the M.T. Bellies logo here on our blog page about Maywood Hair Design – so here’s the logo:

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