Plug it in!

A few months ago, I was reorganizing the office I use at a client’s to make room for the new printer that they had purchased for my marketing projects. In the process I moved the desk and sorted the tangled mess of all the power cords from the computer system. As I’m following the cords, I discover that they all go to a power bar which in turn goes to another power bar and then to the socket in the wall. OMG!

Problems waiting to happen!

Thinking this isn’t a good idea, I began unplugging all the power cords and rerouting them throughout the office. One of the cords did not want to unplug. I struggled with it for awhile and finally did get it removed from the power cord only to discover why it wouldn’t unplug.  It was melted to the power bar. There were black scorch marks all around the socket. OMG! AGAIN! I’m thinking it’s a wonder this didn’t start a fire.

Keeping your cords organized without overloading one electrical outlet can be challenging. But rather than find out too late you have caused a problem, wouldn’t it be simpler to have to call an electrician to add another electrical outlet or two. A few dollars today could save you big time should a fire occur from an electrical overload. Just think what all those Christmas lights in your home at the moment. Are you taxing the circuits?

I have used Sam Visca Electric for years for electrical work at home, office and on the farm. They have rewired our barn increasing it to a 200 amp service, they’ve added lines to the area, they even sorted out our telephone lines at one point. I’m sure you’ve seen their trucks throughout Niagara. I know I see one almost every day in my travels. Although, it may be a little easier for me to spot them since I love their logo because I designed it almost 15 years ago.  So, like I said – a little easier for me to spot but they still have quite a few trucks on the road serving Niagara’s electrical needs.

No job is too big or small for Sam Visca Electric. Commercial, industrial and residential services are provided having, over the years, completed a vast array of projects with many of the area’s leading developers, general contractors, construction firms, homebuilders, manufacturers and individual homeowners alike. They are known for the quality of their work, their expert and innovative design-build services, their reliability of their skilled tradesmen and their consistent ability to honour budgets and meet deadlines.

So for that next electrical project, big or small, design through completion give Sam Visca Electric a call.

Serving the electrical contracting needs of the Niagara Region for more than 20 years.

Sam Visca Electric
Niagara Falls, ON


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