That hat. Those Boots. Not to mention the Red Suit!


As a child, one of my earliest memories is that of jingle bells and the sound of santa’s footsteps on the landing.

We lived in the lower apartment of my grandparent’s house at the time. And although I can’t remember anything else about the day, I do remember seeing and hearing Santa’s boots walking across the landing of my grandparent’s portion of the house.  Oh to be that young and impressionable again!

Last night, I spent an enjoyable evening at my parent’s home for Christmas Eve. I was reminded by my niece’s children the meaning of Christmas last night. These little one’s were having so much fun with the lights, food, gifts and people gathered around. Jacob, the baby was happily crawling around the floor, getting his little hands into everything including the plush thickness of my Bichon’s fur – much to the dog’s dismay.  But like everyone, even my dog took the grabbing happily and continued his search for those crumbs that kept falling to the floor.

Jacob and Julia’s squeals of delight were amazing. They made me smile and laugh and kept us all entertained for the evening. And to think it’s been a lot of years since my own children were that young. They’re now 21 and 19 – they spent the evening on the computer playing games and chatting with their friends.

It is amazing that whatever happens throughout the year, families come together at Christmas to enjoy one another’s company, celebrate the birth of Christ and forget all that woes them! It truly is a magical season!

It does make me wonder however, why we can’t all be so generous, so celebratory, so family oriented, so giving, so happy the rest of the year! What is it about that hat? Those boots? Not to mention the red suit?

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