So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

Today, we say goodbye to 2011 and welcome in 2012. It’s the day we reflect most about the past year and look forward to the new year, well except for the January 1st hangover that is.

As many of you know 2011 has been a very difficult year for myself and my family. That being said it has also been a great year in that I have re-established a lot of business relationships and grown my own business substantially. The prospects for 2012 are looking quite good. On top of countless hours spent at the computer – almost 24/7, the majority of this success is in the loyalty and belief of my services from my clients. I have received more referrals this year from happy clients that ever before. So I thank you for sharing! I enjoy the work, but most of all I love seeing other businesses grow due to my efforts on their behalf. It’s been a wonderful year.

While I belong to several networking organizations in Niagara, it doesn’t take an organization to network and provide referrals. As I sat staring blankly at the television (one of those rare occasions I try to relax) one evening, I realized just how many people I refer in day-to-day conversations. This prompted me to do something more and Connecting Niagara Daily was born. Networking along with providing a more economical advertising venue for my clients – many are small and cannot spend the large dollars of major papers. By combining print, web and social media marketing Connecting Niagara is giving my advertisers a means to grow.

Today marks the last day of the first month of Connecting Niagara. We say farewell to the December advertisers and tomorrow welcome the January advertisers – new ‘faces’ for me to talk about.  So for one last effort to promote the December Companies, please visit the December advertisers on Connecting Niagara’s fanpages and LIKE their page or visit their websites to also show your support for the great products and services Niagara Region has to offer. By shopping local, you help make Niagara prosper!

Thank you for helping to Connect Niagara:
Smooth Edge Sharpening Service 
Johnson Moving & Storage  
Four Point Travel  
HorseWorld Emporium  
Tag Computer Services  
Welland Economic Development Office
• Maywood Hair Designs
• Sam Visca Electric
YDV Group  
Sharp’s Automotive & Xtreme Custom Exhaust

To learn more about any of the above companies, read one of my archived blogs – there is a blog for each of them… and don’t forget to LIKE Connecting Niagara’s page and FOLLOW us on twitter, but most importantly:

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