A New Era for Smokers


Over the holidays I was out and about having a drink for the holidays at a few local restaurants and what did I see, but people smoking. Yes, I said smoking! In the restaurant, not outside freezing their tush off.

Now, to most people that would seem to be not possible with all of our rules and regulations about smoking in public places – not within x-amount of feet of the doorway, not on covered patios, not in vehicles with children 16 years-of-age or younger – well you get the picture. What makes these smokers different is they are not smoking real cigarettes, they’re smoking electronic cigarettes.

Yes – you read it right. Electronic Cigarettes.

I first heard of these electronic cigarettes a couple of months ago. You may recall my blog talking about these disposable cigarettes. Being a smoker, I was fascinated.

Well since then, I’ve experimented with this unique product. I find by just having it sitting in my ashtray in the office (I work at home), I tend not to light as many real cigarettes only for them to burn away when I get too involved in my work to remember.  I’ve had a few puffs here and there in places where I can’t normally smoke and find that even though there is no nicotine in the electronic product, the act of smoking keeps me appeased until I can finally smoke again.  It’s been a very interesting experimentation process.

Is it enough to make me want to quit? No. I enjoy smoking too much. But I can see it would definitely help those wanting to quit. It doesn’t provide the nicotine, but lets one continue the habitual process us smokers have. You know, well if you don’t smoke, maybe you don’t. But us smokers light a cigarette out of habit when we answer the phone, pour a coffee, get in the car – would you like me to go on? Probably not.

Anyway – a unique product to say the least. It comes as a disposable cigarette, giving you 500 puffs for $10 (at the moment). No puffing, no use, longer battery and liquid life.  You can purchase these electronic cigarettes at www.esmokercanada.com. They have disposables and refillables. They can be flavoured or plain. So many varieties to choose from. It certainly makes smoking interesting and a topic of conversation when you see someone smoking in a place where you know its not allowed.

Then today, I ran across an article in the National Post entitled: Jesse Kline: E-smoke ’em if you got em’. The article starts out talking about an electronic cigarette smokers club in Toronto and goes on to a more in-depth look at electronic cigarettes as well as government regulations. It was an interesting read.

With this being the start of the New Year – maybe, …just maybe these electronic cigarettes will help those trying to quit smoking as their New Year resolution.

To find out more about electronic cigarettes, contact:

Esmoker Canada


Remember to tell them:

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