Economical & Green – Perfect! But Let’s Go for Fun!

Imagine –  instead of running out to the car to go to the corner store, hopping on your electric skooter. Not only is it economical and green, its more fun as well. Fresh air in your face, the feeling of freedom without the effort of riding a bike – and lets not forget much easier to park.  Maybe you work downtown where parking is at a premium. Your skooter will fit a many spots that a car won’t. Less walking, less time trying to park, and now you are only using battery power!

No gas! No fumes! No emissions! And it gets better.

• No drivers license required
• No written test
• No motor vehicle liability insurance
• No registration or license plates

I tell you, I want one! I could see myself throwing my briefcase in the storage box and heading off to a meeting downtown on my electric skooter. I’m sure it might look a little funny in my high heels and a skirt – but heck – its economical and I wouldn’t get peeved at trying to park my pickup truck!

I’m not ready for a motorcycle, but I could definitely handle a skooter – especially some of the models Go Green E-Cycles have to offer.  I’m thinking there is a model to suit your tastes. My favourite – the Dragon. Priced at $1995 I could see myself driving along the streets of St. Catharines to get to my appointments on one of these. I wonder what colour options are available.  Maybe you don’t want to go that high in price for an electric skooter – not to worry. There are other models available including electric bikes that you can peddle should you choose to want a little exercise.  I’ve thought about getting one for a couple years, but living in the country it just wasn’t feasible – too long of a drive to town as I was always in a hurry.

But now, I live in town, close to the downtown core – having a skooter would make it so much handier. I have many friends that own one for motoring around at the horse shows they attend. I’ve ridden a few and had a ton of fun. Better than sitting in my truck I tell you and for sure much more economical not to mention better for the environment.

Go Green E-Cycles also sells Mobility Scooters and a Trike that’s a little more powerful than your average mobility scooter allowing for hills and a variety of terrain while giving you the handling more like a motor skooter.

Enjoy the benefits of GREEN POWER at Go Green E-Cycles having the largest selection of electric skooters in the Niagara Region, a service department, parts & accessories and great pricing!

Drop by their showroom to see the selection at
26-113 Cushman Rd., St. Catharines,
find them on facebook
(LIKE the page and watch for a facelift here coming in the next few days)

and don’t forget to


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