One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

One, two, buckle my shoe, three, four…. oh how does that nursery rhyme go? Well it doesn’t really matter, I’m talking about buckling up, not nursery rhymes and not your seatbelt.  Although it is a very good idea to do your seatbelt up as well for safety sake, not to mention it’s the law. Ok, so there’s my plug for seatbelt use!

Why buckle up? 
1. Buckles can be as much a part of your wardrobe as your jeans and jacket.
2. Buckles can be cool.
3. Buckles can state who you are or what you do.
4. Buckles can make a small or big statement about you.
5. But most importantly your pants won’t fall down if you buckle up!

I’m sure no one wants that image in their head.

But where do you find a nice buckle, not to mention a good quality leather belt to go with it. Sure, we all walk through the malls and see the kiosks with belts for $10 or 2 for $15, only to discover they are vinyl or plastic covered something or other. The first time you bend them when they’re cold they crack. What a waste.

For us women we have it a little easier as almost every clothing store has fashion belts to match the outfits. For men – their favourite suit store of course for their suits – but what about for wearing with jeans? Man or woman, finding that leather belt is somewhat of a challenge.


…you’ve been to HorseWorld Emporium. Then you know they have a great selection of leather belts and buckles. There are small buckles, medium buckles, large buckles, even extra large buckles. Buckles in brass, silver, pewter, leather, chrome, blinged and plain. Buckles with horses, (of course), fish, trademarks, profession, flowers, themed, I can go on and on. And, if they don’t have what you want on the shelf, ask to see their catalogues, they’ll order the one you want. Montana Silversmiths and a couple others will even make you a custom buckle. I’m warning you here though – that can get pretty expensive. Most buckles start in the $25 range and go up from there. Smaller buckles are less of course.

Now, what good is the buckle if you don’t have a good belt to put it on. HorseWorld has belts in various colours, styles and sizes – all good quality leather. They’re not going to crack in the cold. And did you know, they make their own belts. A standard leather belt for a pair of jeans made at their store is $25. Then you can dress it up. Have your name stamped in it, add some bling. You’ll find the pricing quite reasonable for a custom-made belt you just can’t get elsewhere!

and dog collars too!

And when you’re done shopping for the belt and buckle, don’t forget to add the hat, boots, and jeans to go with it.

HorseWorld Emporium – for the Western Lifestyle in all of us!
27 Maywood Ave, St. Catharines



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