What a Treat! Making Every Day Gourmet.

For quite some time lately, all I seem to hear is ‘my Epicure lady’ showed me (sorry guys, I’m sure there is a male or two in the group), but it seems everyone has an ‘Epicure Lady’. Until recently I didn’t really know what Epicure Selections was other than it had something to do with spices.

I had the pleasure of attending a few events where Darcie Osborne was present with demonstrations and samples of the Epicure products. Wow! Yum! Yum! and so simple.



Epicure’s key phrases:
Make Every Day Gourmet
Discover the gourmet chef you already are by simply opening a jar.

With Epicure Selections this is quite true. I was truly amazed at the selection of products, quality of the products and the fun the reps have hosting parties and demonstrations .

Epicure Selections will help you make delicious, affordable and healthy meals in minutes, with their versatile VE Herbs , Spice Blends & dips to name a few!
• No Added MSG, Additives or Preservatives and Low in Sodium!!
Spend LESS – enjoy MORE, with Epicure.

Epicure Selections® is a 100% Canadian-owned direct sales company offering a unique line of versatile herb and spice blends, time-saving recipes and professional-quality cookware. Inspired by the pursuit of making delicious, healthy meals easy for the home chef.

The catalogues make you absolutely hungry just looking at them. They are filled with helpful hints and recipes can be found on-line.

Darcie Osborne is an Epicure Unit Leader. So while she is an “Epicure Lady” as I like to call them, she has a team of representatives that she manages. Her job includes making sure her reps are well aware of all the products, new products being introduced, understanding the procedures and also in helping them to promote themselves and sell more “Epicure Selections”.

Darcie says “it’s a great way to earn while having fun at what you do”. She truly enjoys meeting people and helping them ‘Make Every Day Gourmet’.

To order from Epicure Selections, book a party, or become a representative call:
Darcie Osborne Unit Leader
Epicure Selections
View the on-line catalogue here:


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