Weedless Wednesday – How Appropriate This Is

Have you done it? Are you still weedless from that all important New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? Today is the day all are encouraged to butt out.  And a difficult day for those that decided to quit for 2012.

I know how difficult it can be – being a smoker myself. I quit for almost two years once — and hated every minute of it. I quit do to pressure from others, the lack of places to smoke and the smell on my clothes. I did not quit because I wanted to quit – consequently I started again. Not a good testimonial for those trying to quit – but that was me. My father on the other hand, decided to quit years ago. He threw out his pack of cigarettes all except for 5. He kept one for each morning of the first week to have with his coffee before work. At the end of the week, he quit totally and has never smoked since! Congrats Dad!

Anyway, quitting might have been a little easier with today’s electronic cigarette at hand. I’ll point out that these have not been approved as ‘quit smoking aids’, but regardless I definitely think they would help. As most smokers know, smoking is as much habitual as it is the craving for nicotine – in some cases more so. We light a cigarette religiously with certain tasks we do: answer the phone, get in the car, have a coffee, etc., etc.,

I have tested these electronic cigarettes and I find as long as it is sitting in the ashtray, my brain thinks I have a cigarette going, thus I’m lighting less frequently. I’ve even used the eletronic cigarette in the car to get past the boredom of driving that triggers lighting a cigarette. At a minimum this electronic device has let me cut-down – which is all I’m prepared to do.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about electronic cigarettes:

How Do Electonic Cigarettes Work?

The way an electronic cigarette works is simple. The core of the device is the battery. There are two variations: automatic and manual. The automatic battery activates when the user inhales from the cartridge, whereas the manual battery has a button to activate it. The atomizer and the LED light are both powered by the battery. The atomizer is a device which heats the e liquid into a vapour and is attached to a  cartridge  which  contains  the  e liquid. The cartridge is easily refilled with a variety of  e liquid flavours.

Where Can I Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

It depends on local ordinances in your location, but at the time of this writing, you can smoke an electronic cigarette mostly anywhere since they do not produce second hand smoke. This includes bars, restaurants, movie theatres, sporting events and even sometimes airplanes (check first).

What Flavoring Options Are There for Electronic Cigarettes?

It depends on the manufacturer, but most offer various flavors to include traditional tobacco, menthol, mint, and strawberry.

How long do cartridges and E-liquid last?

This varies a based on the model of electronic cigarette, but generally a cartridge lasts around the equivalent of 12-15 cigarettes or more.

Does E-smoking or “vaporizing” cost less than smoking?

Yes! Based on smoking a pack a day, electronic cigarettes on average cost about 1/4 as much!

Who are Electronic Cigarettes intended for?

Electronic Cigarettes are intended for mature adult smokers of legal age of 19 to purchase cigarette products in your province.

Check out http://www.EsmokerCanada.com for more information


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