Mobility Packaged Green

Go Green E-Cycles is currently renovating their showroom to make room for even more scooters, e-cycles and mobility units. The showroom offers a wide variety of models to choose from and soon 15 more 2012 models will arrive – some with Lithium batteries.

While the scooters and e-bikes are great, Go Green also offers  a selection of mobility units for those requiring alternative aids to moving about in their day to day lives. There are several models to choose from even a trike-style scooter.

I know I would have enjoyed the convenience of one of these units years ago. For those that don’t know, I have Multiple Sclerosis. And while the disease has not showed it’s face severely in many, many years, there was a time when I could have used this convenience. A time when I didn’t have the strength to walk more than 20 feet without sitting down. A time when my children were 2 and 4 and I couldn’t chase them around or even pick them up without being in a seated position for fear of dropping them. A time when family outings were not a happening thing because I just couldn’t walk very far without the support of my cane and family members. A mobility cruiser like this one, would have made even the simple things like grocery shopping so much easier in my life at the time.  Years later, I’m thankful that most of my disabilities have disappeared, but that doesn’t mean they won’t return.

The ability to move around freely for so many is a luxury. The manufacturer’s of mobility devices like the one shown above have come a long way in developing features to suit almost every requirement. Because of the rising need, the pricing of them has come down substantially and coupled with medical aid programs, more people with debilitating injuries or illnesses can now have a more productive and normal life.

To see  more of what Go Green E-Cycles has to offer, visit their showroom on Cushman Rd, in St. Catharines or their website at

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