Watch Out for the Knock-offs!

Purses, belts, buckles and yes even sunglasses come with bling these days. What you want to watch out for is the quality. It makes a big difference.

Years ago, I was one of the first around to have a fancy leather bling belt (horse people love them). Anyway, my belt was purchased in Burlington at a high-end saddlery. The cost – astronomical for a belt, but this at least 7 years later, I still have the belt. It still looks great. It still has all the bling! Does it still fit? Well that’s another story…

Needless to say, I was thoroughly disgusted when at a tradeshow a few years later I ran across a booth selling bling belts. Seeing that one of the belts on display was my belt, I went over to take a look and compare pricing.

First of all the leather was a thin vinyl-type material. You would cut your hands, not to mention tear your jeans with the points sticking out the back of the belt from how the stones were attached to the belt – but get this! The price – just $10.  I don’t know about you, but I would be embarrassed to even where it.

At HorseWorld Emporium they carry a large selection of belts and buckles, plus every other accessory you could imagine. All superior quality at reasonable prices. They just received a shipment of new bling belts for adults and children. The child’s belt starts at $24.95 and the adult’s at $49.95 – great value for leather and bling!

And should you decide you really don’t see what you want, you can ask Rosie to custom make a belt for you. Have your name stamped, tooling, conchos and bling. The custom-made products at HorseWorld are quite reasonable and you’ll know, you’ll have the only one like it!

HorseWorld is known for their leather repairs and custom-made products, supply leads and collars to the canine units, special harness and tool kits to the construction industry, custom saddle bags for the bikers and even custom-made briefcases and totes. Of course, their heart is with the horses – so anything you could image horse-wise can be made at the store when it comes to leather goods. They even repair shoes and boots.

So drop in to HorseWorld at 27 Maywood Ave., St. Catharines and see what they’re all about . Be sure to 


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