The Long and the Short of It

Has anyone wondered where I went with the almost daily posts informing you of information on local business? There’s probably not too many that have missed me, but just in case…

The past week and a half has been a disaster due to my main computer system crashing. Of course I had my laptop to work with, but it doesn’t have all the software I use, nor did it have all my data files. What a nightmare.

Now I know the importance of a daily back-up on my computer system. And, yes I had one. I also know the importance of preventative maintenance. That is why, when my main system started acting strange – slow, periodic crashes, etc., I called my computer techy-guy – John from Computer Trouble Shooters.  John has been working on my computers for over 5 years now.  He knows my system inside out, knows the value of my data and the importance of having a system up and running constantly.  He arrives within hours of me calling him to fix the nasty…

Anyway, John picked up my computer and off he went. I went about business with my laptop fully expecting to have my system back the following morning. It’s a good thing I didn’t check my email that Thursday night, (I had a major cold, wasn’t much up for working anyway) as John sent me an email to tell me when he plugged the system in the motherboard died, ultimately erasing my harddrive. OMG!   Thank goodness for backups.

Bright and early the next day, John was back to pick up my back-up and software. And off he went again. Saturday he returned with the new system. Needless to say I spent the weekend restoring software, data, fonts, emails etc., only to wake up Monday morning with a system crash again. John was back. The computer was gone. It arrived back on Tuesday functional again – another day of restoring.

So now I decide a simple back up is not good enough. I want more. I called one of my clients Tom at TAG Computer Services to find out about his off-site backup system – it backs up the entire computer system – basically taking an image of the computer duplicating it in a cloud that allows for almost instantaneous restoration of my files should something similar happen again. Tom’s system also provides remote monitoring of my computer for potential hardware failures, viruses and more — all for $30/month. Well that’s a no brainer considering I have lost almost two weeks of work to system failure with more to come in restoring files and fonts. Not to mention the outlay for new software that was in my system that I no longer have…. So in Tom came on Thursday to set up the remote monitoring and back up. Friday the new computer crashed again and John was back once again.

Ultimately the computer system was replaced again, restored and back to me Saturday. Another weekend spent reloading and repairing the damage. And here I sit venting instead of working – but it’s also an explanation why my clients are waiting for their work… If only I had put the better back up system on sooner…. If only!  Thousands of $’s later, hours of recovery time and data restoration required. A nightmare for sure!  So now with two back up systems (local data and system cloud) in place, I feel much safer. I’ve learned my lesson big time! And now back to work and major catch-up to do for my clients.

Thank you Tom and John!

For everyone that could potentially face the same downtime due to a computer crash. Please give these guys a call – both offer valuable computer repair and sales along with backup solutions.



TAG Computer Services
Tom McIntyre
Find TAG on Facebook and on Twitter

Computer Trouble Shooters
– John Shierlaw 905-380-8791

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