When Catastrophe Strikes…

In my world – a computer crash is a catastrophe. If you read my last blog “The Long and the Short of It“, you know I recently experienced a major computer crash. A catastrophe it was!  This going on four weeks later, I still haven’t recovered.

Yes, my computer is back operational, but some of the functionality is still lost due to missing software and fonts. Needless to say I am extremely far behind on my client’s work and the day to day items I do to promote local business. Another lesson learned – don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

Easier said than done! When you’re a one person office – unfortunately if you don’t do the work, no one else does either. Amazing how that works. So now, amid trying to reinstate computer functionality to that of what it once was I am also trying to restructure to include a team of individuals to aid in the work load I have put on myself. Yes — some of what I do doesn’t earn – like this blog for example. It’s sole purpose is to promote local business. Do I give it up? No — it’s also my therapy. Writing is an amazing avenue for clearing your thoughts, putting things in perspective, venting and just relaxing.

Years ago, I wrote a daily blog for my stables. The blog was followed around the world. My day went horribly wrong if I did not start it off with the writing of the daily blog. Now, I find that I’m back to that! This is the first blog I’ve written in almost two weeks – already I’m feeling less overwhelmed. Waking up to 100s of emails in the morning and a to do list that stretches the length of my office is definitely overwhelming. Good thing I’m a workaholic.

So what next – well – the first step to recovery was in writing this blog. Partly for therapy, partly to let everyone know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth (facebook and twitter) that is, and partly to get back in to my regular morning routine. Routine is important for the functionality of my office. So today it begins again!

• regular routine
• back to basics
• complete the restructuring
• get the work done!

To my clients, thank you for being so understanding! Work should progress at a faster rate from this point forward. For those that have missed the constant tweets from Connecting Niagara and DebiSentYou – they start again today! I’m sure a few of you are tired of seeing my mug pop up on your screen, but — most like the little tidbits of information tweeted for savings and activities.

So….  I’m back!

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