The rich scent of leather

If I had a nickel for every time someone commented, ‘you must love it in here with the wonderful scent of leather, it’s great.”

Unfortunately, I am in HorseWorld Emporium quite often, so my senses are immune to the rich scent of all the leather goods in the store. It’s too bad too! I love the smell of leather.

Visitors to the store are immediately hit by the leather scent as they walk in the front door among the many saddles and over 600 pair of leather cowboy boots. It’s quite the site to see, row upon row of boots – big, small, black, brown and even pink! Yes, pink!

Further back in the store, there is a selection of cowboy hats – some leather, many more in felt and straw and a wide variety of leather belts – fancy bling belts to plain ol’ leather – add a fancy buckle and you’re good to go.

As you finally get to the back of the store, you run across the leather craft section of the store where you will find rolls of leather in a variety of colours, weights, thickness. Tooling leather, upholstery and garment leather and more. And along with all that leather you will find every type of hardware you could imagine for making your own leather products, tooling equipment, sewing awls and thread, rawhide, horse hair, conchos, dye, leather kits and much more.  For those that like to make their own, or repair their own, HorseWorld is a treasure chest of finds.

The leather craft area brings in a variety of people looking for products: jewellery makers, dressmakers, antique restorers, bikers, and many participating in 1812 and medieval reenactments – they even stock calvary style caps and hats.  It’s always interesting chatting with the customers at HorseWorld and listening to their stories, trials and tribulations in making their projects.

Some eventually give up and have our leather crafters in the store make or complete their project. You will also find many custom-made products throughout the store made by HorseWorld’s own leather crafters. Dog collars and leashes, belts, knife sheaths, construction crew tool bags, saddlebags for motorcycles and so much more.

If you haven’t been to HorseWorld Emporium, make it a point to drop in. The store isn’t just for horse people – there is so much more to be discovered.  And when you do drop in,



HorseWorld Emporium
27 Maywood Ave., St. Catharines, ON

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