5 Bucks. 5 Bucks. 5 Bucks – Or maybe we should say FORE!

The Niagara Golf Show & Sale is on this weekend at the Holiday Inn Parkway Convention Centre, Ontario Street, St. Catharines. Yesterday I took the opportunity to drop in and see what it is all about. Not being a golfer, you might ask why? Of course I had my reasons, one of them being writing about the event. I wanted to see the turn out and the vendors, and a few other reasons as well.

Thinking I’d be there for half an hour tops, I was quite surprised to find out I had been there an hour and a half! There were many people to talk to and learn about their products and services. There are definitely some great offers to be had in golf-getaways – that’s for sure. I almost booked a stay in Collingwood!   The St. Catharines Golf Club had a display, Rockway Glen, Twenty Valley and of course Niagara Golf Warehouse had quite a selection of products to buy.
Turf Net Sports Supplies also had four driving cages available to practice your swing or maybe try out that new club you were looking at buying from one of the vendors.  And of course golf was on the TV at the beer garden.  Like I said, I was amazed just how long I was at the Niagara Golf Show and Sale – not being a golfer and all. So, if I could spend that much time there – the golfers of Niagara should enjoy it even more!


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