Gas is on the rise – Would you consider a scooter?

I am one of those people that really doesn’t pay much attention to gas prices at the pump. Why? – Well – it’s a necessity. I need it in my vehicle, so it doesn’t really matter what the price is, I have to pay it or walk.

Or not. I’m not much for physical activity. Or more to the point, I just don’t have the time to walk to the store, even though where I live, I could quite easily walk to get groceries, and even see a few of my clients. But – the added time it would take makes it impractical. However, I could see myself pulling out my electric scooter and be-bopping to the store, or to my local appointments here in town. That would work for me!

Picture it – skirt, high-heels and laptop across my back – off I go to my next appointment. Fresh air in my face, helmet set and scoot! Yup – I could see that. And, I’m sure if the predictions are correct, I think a few more of you could also see it. Let’s face it – many of us live within a 15 minute drive to our workplace. Just think – no gas to buy, just a little electricity and on top of that no emissions to pollute this fine country of ours. I’m telling you, I am seriously considering a scooter this year.

I was recently at Go Green E-Cycles on Cushman Road. Wow, have they changed the place! Fresh new look and larger showroom to house all their scooters and mobility chairs. I like the big scooters – none of these little guys for me. Ernie, at the store told me the ladies don’t like the bigger scooters as the seat is too wide. Well for me – I don’t think that’s an issue. I’m used to riding a horse! But wow do they make the scooters nice these days.

Do you remember the moped? I do – I think I was about 9 years old when I saw my first moped. Neat – but today’s scooters have style! They even have enough space to logo them up!

Anyway, back to Go Green – the day I was in the store they had just put out their latest scooters. They became an official GIO dealer the day before and the first bikes are on-site and ready for sale. I think I’ll have to put my order in soon before gas prices really soar and I’m put on a waiting list. I can see that this year scooter sales will take off!

Joe and his staff are excited at the prospects for the coming year. With the new GIO franchise, plus their existing line-up and a few other things they have in the works that – well I’m not at liberty to say yet – they are thinking it’s going to be a great year for scooters as well!

So if you’re as concerned as I am about how much money you’ll be putting in your gas tank,  you might want to give Joe a call at Go Green.


And don’t forget to tell him

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