Facebook Pages – Timeline – Embracing Change

I had heard rumours facebook was bringing timeline to pages. And yes, when I arrived at my desk at 5 am yesterday morning I found the rumours were true. Of course, my head’s reeling at this point thinking of what this means to my business and my client’s and their businesses. Given what I’ve seen on timeline for personal pages – not many like it. So will it work for business pages.

My initial thoughts – oh great – that giant advertising space. If we could get creative with a banner on facebook — just think what we can do with the width of the page. And Yes – we can get creative – but there are rules: No contact information (website etc.), no like us, no offers – oh well – now we’ll really have to be creative!

This is what I did with my timeline for now – after watching the video below – I have quite a few new ideas – but they’ll have to wait for another day.

So of course, I had just finished creating this when I ran across facebooks intro to timeline for pages. I may have designed it differently if I had seen this first.

How to use it effectively, features and new features arriving next month. While I do believe the new look will work well for business – it is going to require more work. So for someone that is already swamped – thanks facebook for increasing my workload! That being said – I’m looking forward to the possibilities!

Watch this video to learn more for yourself. It is a very helpful intro! I’m good to go for my clients – let the work begin!

Watch live streaming video from fbmarketingtalks at livestream.com
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