Just 4ME!

4 Me!So here begins Just 4ME! Not the typical blog you’re accustomed to from me, but a blog just the same. Most of my blogs are written to share knowledge and information about local business and business know-how. This one however is Just 4ME! Well and you!

If you know me, you know I work almost 24/7. After weeks of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted I woke up one day and decided its time to look after myself a little better. This was a little over a month ago. I think it was all those motivational speakers I had the privilege of hearing at the Women in Leadership and Business Conference.  That. coupled with the picture that was taken of me that scared the socks off my feet – wow! Am I really that chubby? The camera – have to love to hate it. LOL.

Well that picture set the wheels in motion – luckily I saw the picture but it wasn’t published. Thank you!

I decided to join a gym, start eating better, and take more time Just 4ME!
Easier said than done!

Yes – like many others – I can’t do it alone. Thus @just4me4me was born. If others push me, they will in turn push themselves – a twitter self-help group I guess. Being accountable to someone other than myself is a whole lot harder than being accountable to me. I can lie to myself too easy!  If I think this way – I’m sure many others do too! So join in!

It’s done. It’s official! It’s public! So spread the word and begin doing it @just4me4me

Tomorrow — where I am now – and where I need to get too. In the meantime — what’s for breakfast? Apparently eating 3 meals a day is important. Any quick ideas for the one that doesn’t eat until dinner?

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2 Responses to Just 4ME!

  1. annsharp says:

    I have a smoothy quick to make and portable to drink while you work.
    -1 can XS energy Cranberry Grape or Naranja Blast (they have no sugar and 1 carb) a healthy drink
    – 1 Scoop Nutrilite Protein Powder
    – 2 Scoops Nutrilite Meal Replacement Drink
    – Frozen fruit
    – 1 cube of frozen spinach ( yes you don’t even taste the spinach)
    Blend and enjoy 🙂
    I can supply the nutritional information for you and supply you if you would like to try this.
    Or check it out on my website http://www.sharpenterprises.ca/health
    We also carry tasty food bars for a snack and lunch that are healthy.

    • Debi K says:

      Thanks Ann. Spinach. Hmmmm. Not so sure about that. I’ll take your word for it that you can’t taste it.

      Have anything with a few less ingredients?

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