@just4me4me Where I am And Where I Want to Be

4 Me!Realizing the state of ‘me’ and my current life was one thing. Figuring out what to do about it was quite another.  So, I broke it down. I tell you, analyzing my client’s needs and coming up with a strategy is much easier than doing it for yourself — at least if I’m being honest with myself that is.

Here it is in a nutshell:
Simple first, but not by any means the least of the issues. These three are probably the major contributing factors to the tougher items below.

• Over worked – 12-15 hours / day, 7 days/week – that’s a lot of time at the computer.
• Exhausted – stems from number 1 and is starting to cause issues with a bigger thing below — overall health
• Stressed – slightly. Thankfully or maybe not, I’m the kind of person that doesn’t worry about anything until I absolutely have to. This quite often gets me into trouble as ‘until I have to’ sometimes doesn’t give me enough time to deal with the issue. Luckily I don’t get stressed often!

The bigger issues:
• Time 4 Me
• Health
• Weight
• Family
• Finances
I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but this is a good start – at least 4me.

When I looked at it all, I decided the easiest one to start working on was my weight figuring if I get the weight down some of the other health issues will take care of themselves – plus I’ll just feel better about myself overall.

A little over a year ago our family went through a life altering change. Consequently I went from enjoying life on a horse farm to having to rebuild my marketing business to move forward almost overnight. Not chasing horses around and riding daily, not to mention shoveling all that s#%t, then sitting at a desk 14 hours a day — I’m sure you can imagine just how much weight I’ve gained. And if you can’t I’ll tell you –50lbs.

I’ve never been a runway model, nor do I aspire to be – but healthy for me is about 145 lbs.  How nice it would be to get back to that…

Believe me these two shocked me, the one that knocked my socks off was taken at the Wilb Conference and I don’t have access to it. . And Where I want to be – minus the cowgirl look, but how I would love to fit in to my parade gear again!

Not being one to diet for me it has to be done with exercise. I’m not disciplined enough to go for a walk every day, or exercise at home, so a gym it had to be.  Again easier said than done. It took me two weeks to find the time to call around for information. This is where I could have used someone to kick my butt. I can find the time for almost anything if I really want to. I guess I wanted to as I did find the time eventually.  I made the calls, took a tour, and went back a few days later to sign up. And there begins tomorrows story…

Oh and by the way, writing this blog is therapeutic in it’s own way. It’s one of the things I am doing Just 4ME! If it benefits someone else – that’s great too! So whether people join in on my ‘4me revolution’ or not. I’ll keep writing.

Thanks Anne for the breakfast recipe. I guess I’ll have to go shopping. A few simpler recipes would be helpful.  Will a banana suffice?

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3 Responses to @just4me4me Where I am And Where I Want to Be

  1. jengersnaps says:

    Kudos for taking the first steps, Debi. Its hard to look at ourselves, realize what needs to happen, and then do it. I hope you find an exercise program that works for you

  2. jengersnaps says:

    Wishing you lots of luck, Debi. Its hard to analyze yourself, kudos for that first step. Hope you find an exercise program you enjoy 🙂

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