@Just4me4me National Wine Day

National Wine Day!

My day just went from being ‘just another Friday’ to a great Friday. Why? Apparently it is National Wine Day! How could I have missed this?

National Wine Day is definitely Just 4Me!

If I had to ask for a day that I would like most, I think that might just be it! For those that know me, they know I love my wine!   So instead of the routine day of work, work, and more work – I think I’ll have to visit some of my favourite wineries today – maybe Henry of Pelham or Colaneri. Better still maybe a restaurant or two Casa Mia or Blue Mermaid where I can sample a variety of wines and have some great food as well.  I’ll also have to pop in and say hello to my friends at The Wine Place as well.   I think I have my day and night well-planned now. That’s a lot of visiting, none of which can begin until late this afternoon when my appointments are done for the day.

Oh wait, I have a better idea. Maybe today is the day we finally open the bottle of 1988 Castello Di Verrazzano Chianti Classico given to my partner years ago by his good friend Dom at Casa Mia Ristorante!  Maybe – but not likely!

Well now I can hardly wait to get my appointments done for the day and get on to celebrating National Wine Day – just 4ME!

And if you are going to partake as well and visit any of my friends above, be sure to tell them Debi Sent You!


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