Facebook has been busy! #socialknowhow Admin Roles

Admin Roles Have Arrived
Giving access to your fanpage can be scary at times. The ability to assign roles to administrative access has been a long-awaited feature that many businesses have asked for repeatedly for quite some time.

There have been too many cases of disgruntled employees wiping out their previous employer’s fanpage upon termination that warrants this feature being added. I could come up with quite a few other reasons for admin roles but the fear of someone erasing the power of engagement from one’s business is reason enough.

Here is the breakdown:
 This is fairly self-explanatory as to the administration for each role. So how do you set it up?

Simple – on your page – open your admin panel. Click on edit page, then admin roles. All admins currently available for your page are listed. Now under each name is the role they have. Facebook defaults to manager. You will want to go in and change this so that you are the manager, and assign roles accordingly by clicking on the role shown and choosing the role for each administrator. When you are finished editing the roles, click save. You will be asked for your facebook password to finalize the changes.

Admin roles is a great new addition to facebook pages. Tomorrow we’ll look at the ability to schedule posts to pages. Another great addition.



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