Finally. Scheduling on Facebook Pages #socialknowhow

Scheduling for Facebook Pages
Oh, how many times have I wished for this feature – the ability to schedule posts on fanpages in facebook. Although I use Hootsuite to manage all the sites I admin, and as wonderful as Hootsuite is for keeping my time to a minimum, it does not allow posting to facebook with all the bells and whistles (like tagging other people and pages automatically) that the same post within facebook would allow. Now that scheduling has finally arrived I had the opportunity to check it out yesterday – what a breeze it is!

Here’s the know-how:
1. Simply, type your post as you normally would.
2. Click the clock.
3. Click the links to year, month, day, time.
4. Click post/schedule.

Once you have finished scheduling, you can check and revise your posts by opening your admin panel, clicking on Manage, then Activity Log (see below for an example). Here you will see a list of scheduled posts that you can edit, and keep track of.

It’s about time, this feature was added. Thank you facebook. For those businesses that only use facebook, this feature eliminates the need for scheduling and monitoring software applications. For people like me – I still need the scheduling apps.

Follow my blog for more helpful hints and tips to engaging with your fans and followers. If you have any questions, just ask, I’ll be glad to help.

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