Montreal Grand Prix flies Canadian Duality Flag – Isn’t there a law against this?

Canadian Duality Flag

I’m all for letting the world know that Canada has a diverse infrastructure of culture, particularly French, but to fly a flag that is not our ‘true’ national flag at such a public event  seems sacrilege to me.

I was stunned when my partner called me in to the room yesterday to view this red and blue version of our Canadian flag flying high at the Montreal Grand Prix. Isn’t there a law against this? I don’t know about you, but our flag is our flag – no one has the right to modify it to suit their own agenda and apparently that’s what it is.

From what I understand it started in 1995 when Hank Gigandet started parading his newly designed flag around as part of the second Quebec referendum. Apparently the flag has its own following and has been gaining momentum having a website and even a facebook page to gain awareness of the new flag proposal.

If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with our existing flag and I don’t believe a flag other than our true flag should be flown at national events, it sends the wrong impression to the world. If the government decides to change the flag so be it. But while those changes are being proposed (and in this case it is not our government doing so), that flag should be kept under wraps.

I realize we are officially a bilingual country with as mentioned earlier a diverse multi-cultural population, but to give presence to one over another on our Canadian Flag. The next thing you know there will be flags popping up with every nationality’s colours added to our flag. We are Canadian! The red flag is CANADIAN. Keep it that way!

Why should the Canadian flag signify anything other than CANADA?


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12 Responses to Montreal Grand Prix flies Canadian Duality Flag – Isn’t there a law against this?

  1. Homer609 says:

    This Hans Gigandet seems like a trouble maker to me. Very bizarre behaviour he’s been showing over the years with this pretend flag he is pushing. I am sure CSIS has a thick file on this guy.

    Our flag is fine as is. It includes every one. Such nonsense.

  2. I don’t know all about this… today I happened to see the Grand Prix and that flag strucked me…I don’t remember ever seeing it and I was curious to know more about it…I’ll look more into this…I’m a Canadian living in europe and the feeling I got when I saw that flag wasn’t a happy one …it bothered me…though reading some comments above about the bilanguages well maybe I can accept it even though I grew up knowing the red and white flag …my beautifull flag and I’m very proud of it.

    • Well today the Canadian Duality Flag greeted F1 fans entering the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve for the race. Not sure if any flags actually were present within the race track during the race. Was the flag seen on today’s broadcast? The Duality flag got the usual positive remarks as well as some usual negative remarks, like “You are ‘defacing’ the flag”. I wish Canadians would learn to expand their vocabulary, ‘beautifing’ is more like it, you can tell the difference when a flag is defaced. We have a beautiful flag but we can make it even more beautiful and more inclusive, that’s the ‘raison d’être’ of the Duality flag.
      And for all who find this offensive, please be aware is it all done in an ‘unofficial’ manner with Canadian unity and linguistic duality at heart.
      The greatest thrill of the Canadian Duality Flag was in 2008 when, at this very racetrack, the Snowbirds specifically gave the CDN Duality Flag a flyby over the bridge.

  3. Stan the Man says:

    Gigante should be imprisoned for treachery

  4. shut up says:

    it is canadas national flag, the Canadian Duality Flag is a unity between french and english, so shut the fuck up and stop crying, its a 2nd sector of canada thats it.

  5. BTW, just found out today that the Canadian Duality Flag flew (unofficially) at Trafalgar Square in London on July 1st. for Canada Day, to the delight of many Canadians and ‘wantobe’ Canadians. Our version of the Union Jack.

  6. Hello Debi,

    I came across this page strictly by accident and was a little surprised by it. I can understand your astonishment and therefore an explanation is warranted. First of all, the Canadian Duality Flag was not flown in any official capacity, it was there strictly as a personal choice, and not even by myself.

    We attended the Canada Day festivities on Parliament Hill for the 18th consecutive year trying to promote mutual respect and linguistic duality. Here is a short letter to the government following our presence:

    Dear Honourable Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, Senators and Governor-General,

    This Canada Day celebration commemorated the War of 1812 and marked the foundation of our great nation whereupon the British, English and French-Canadian militias, and First Nations, all united to beat back the invading American forces to perserve the country that we are today.

    Mutual respect, trust and a common resolve for our way of life, is how we accomplished this. It must be symbolized and cherished forever.

    Our Canadian Flag, as beautiful as it is, can be made even more beautiful and more inclusive. If you refer to our Canadian Heritage site, the description afforded to our National Emblem, is typical heraldic wording which can be applied to any number of countries equally well.

    On the other hand our Canadian Duality Flag portrays exactly the values that we share today and of who we are as a country. In our flag, the ‘red and blue’ symbolizes English and French Canada, with all our diversity, and the Maple Leaf symbolizes our great land and notably, the aboriginal people. A truly bilingual flag recognizing our Official languages, a proud symbol of our ‘shared’ heritage.

    During the ceremony on Parliament Hill, did you notice that the flags of 1812 were ‘blue’ with a red Maple leaf?

    Where did the blue go?

    It is a good time to remind everyone that TRCF’s theme songs are: “Share the Land” by Canada’s Guess Who, and “Do What You Gotta Do” by Garth Brooks. We invite you to listen to these songs. They may inspire you.

    Yours truly,

    Hank Gigandet!/pages/TRCF/325287667487540

    Go to Photos, then Canada Day 2012…CBC

    Monsieur le Premier Ministre, honorables Députés, Sénateurs et Gouverneur Général,

    La célébration de la Fête du Canada a commémoré la guerre de 1812 et a marqué le fondement de notre grande nation quand les milices britannique, canadienne-française, canadienne-anglaise et les Premières nations, se sont tous unis pour repousser les forces d’invasion américaines à perserver le pays que nous sommes aujourd’hui.

    Le respect mutuel, la confiance et une volonté commune pour notre mode de vie, sont la manière que nous avons accompli cela. Et cela doit être symbolisé et chéri pour toujours.

    Notre drapeau canadien, aussi beau qu’il soit, peut être rendue encore plus beau et plus inclusif. Si vous vous référez au site du Patrimoine canadien, de la description offerte à notre emblème national, c’est des mots héraldiques typiques qui peuvent être appliquée aussi bien à n’importe quel nombre de pays.

    D’autre part, notre Drapeau Dualité Canadienne dépeint exactement les valeurs que nous partageons aujourd’hui et de qui nous sommes en tant que pays. Sur notre drapeau, le «bleu et rouge» symbolise le Canada français et le Canada anglais, avec toute notre diversité, et la feuille d’érable symbolise notre grand pays et notamment, les peuples autochtones. Un drapeau véritablement bilingue reconnaissant nos langues officielles. Un symbole fier de notre patrimoine partagé et de notre évolution. (Et oui, le blanc symbolise notre grand nord).

    Lors de la cérémonie sur la Colline du Parlement, avez-vous remarqué que les drapeaux de 1812 étaient «bleu» avec une feuille d’érable rouge?

    Où est passé le bleu?

    C’est le bon moment pour rappeler à tous que les chansons thème de TRCF sont: “Share the Land” par notre Guess Who, et “Do What You Gotta Do” de Garth Brooks. Nous vous invitons à écouter ces chansons. Elles peuvent vous inspirer.


    Henri Gigandet

    Now it is your prerogative not to agreed, but hopefully you will take a few moments to understand what we are doing. It’s all about national unity and mutual respect.

    Regards, Hank

    • Debi K says:

      I understand the reasoning for the duality flag, my issue was that it was shown on national tv in a prominent way without the benefit of the true Canadian flag – at least in the portion of the race I was watching and on the station I was watching it on. To me it was showing the world a misrepresentation even though it is just a flag. Our national flag is red and white. How many people watching from other countries now think our national flag is that of the duality flag, only because they do not know any better and they saw it on TV?

      • Yes, I can understand that. I didn’t realize myself that it was on national TV, I know that it was shown on the big screens at the racetrack. It was pointed out to me by co-workers the next day. Many years ago when I went to the races, there were numerous Canadian and Quebec flags all around the stands, and the Canadian Duality Flag did not stand out much. But I believe that in the last couple of years, there were barely any flags at all, therefore an eager cameraman decided to show our flag. ‘Better than none at all’. This happens often when we are out in public. The Duality Flag is very often shown on the big screens on Parliament Hill, but only because we are among the crowd of proud Canadians. However CBC usually avoids showing it on national TV. I guess if we were a bunch of separatists hollering and causing a raucus, it would make national news. National unity is not very exciting.
        BTW there is no law that says you cannot fly a different version of our National Emblem, as long as it is not in any official capacity, otherwise we would have been arrested many times in the last 18 years, approximately 60 appearances on Parliament Hill for example. As long as we portray our flag as the Canadian Duality Flag and not our Canadian Maple Leaf Flag, we are not giving false representation. We had even suggested that the government declare the Canadian Duality Flag a ‘secondary’ flag and that people could fly whichever one they wanted. In black and white, they both look the same, a simple, clean, symmetrical design.
        If our flag were ever got adopted, we don’t think that the world would mistaken our big red proud Maple Leaf as distinctly Canadian, nor would the ‘red and blue on white’ make us look like Americans. Our founding motherlands France and Great Britain, have these colours too. Yet the Americans are the ‘Stars and Stripes’ while we are distinctly the ‘Maple Leafs’.

      • Debi K says:

        Hank, I understand the concept completely – my whole issue was that it was being shown on national TV without reference to our true flag. To make matters worse the station I was watching was American. I would find it hard to believe that national journalists from the U.S. wouldn’t know what our Canadian flag looks like, however – there was no commentary to go along with the shot of the flag explaining what it was or as mentioned, they did not show the true Canadian flag.

        Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s always welcoming to know people read these blogs. I wish more people would take the time to comment. Currently as popular as blogs are, many are skimmed over or read in their entirety, but seldom do people take the time to share their thoughts with the blog-writer. Blogs would become that much more interesting if all did as you did and comment back.

      • You have a good point Debi. The racetrack should have had real Canadian flags anyway, we are not too impressed with the officials running the race. With all the politics here in Quebec, I guess that they do not want a flag war. Remember the famous ‘Bonjour au Quebec’ wall before the starting lane, well that was put there purposely by the PQ government, wanting to make reference to Quebec instead of Canada. We were not happy with that and it was kind of fitting that our native son Jacques Villeneuve crashed into it, he has no time for separatists.

        (Tongue in cheek) So to resolve this issue, we are jusy going to have to work harder to get the Canadian Duality flag recognized in some official manner. I hope that they do not screw up in London, as we already have a flag there in our Olympic office, since last year. Canadians there like it, just as when the winter Olympeans came to Montreal in 2010 and the flag was flying (unofficially) during the ceremony. French and English Canada were well represented by our medal-winning athletes.

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