When it doesn’t work like it should

How frustrating is it when you get to your computer in the morning only to realize automated functions have stopped working?

First, you go through all your settings to see if something has changed? Next you make some calls and do searches of known problems to see if there is a reason you weren’t made aware of. Then in total frustration you start reworking the way it all works to get it back to a method that is manageable.

This was my week – for whatever reason facebook to twitter feeds stopped working.  In most cases I do not believe in linked postings from facebook to twitter and vice versa, however there are a few instances where it is useful and needed. In my case, this problem is bigger than most as it didn’t just affect our accounts, but those of our clients as well. When our clients turn to us for answers and we don’t have them – well, let’s just say, it’s not a position we like to be in.

Ultimately we made the enquiries, we adjusted settings, we did it all and nothing changed the fact that facebook was not pushing feeds to twitter.  There was no literature on-line anywhere that discussed the problem (at least that we could find) .

Yesterday, at the point of starting to work out a new strategy to manage posts, I heard from one client – “ya, my facebook posts are going to twitter again!”  Ours were not. This morning I arrive at the computer to find that “ya, our facebook posts are feeding to twitter again!”

What was the cause? Who knows. But it is working again. This is just one example of how fast things change and change back in social media. Always be prepared and stay on top of what is happening in your accounts. Just because you have configured your accounts to work a certain way, doesn’t mean they will stay that way indefinitely. Check your accounts daily even if you are not posting.


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