#E-books vs Hard Copy Books – What is your preference?

ebook vs bookI ran across an article last night on TheStar.com entitled “50 Shades of Grey Puts E-books in the Black”. I found it quite interesting in the statistics offered. For example, according to Booknet Canada, one in every six books purchased is in electronic format.

Numerous other facts also intrigued me like the device used to read these e-books. The IPad made up only 14.3%, Kobo topped the list.

The article goes on to say that because of electronic publishing it makes it easier for authors to self-publish.  So I have a few questions for you:

1. Have you written a book or manual?
2. How was it published? A) electronically B) hard copy C) both
3. Is it offered for sale, or available by request?

Secondly, for those that have not published yet. With the ease of self-publishing today,
1. Will you write a book, publication or manual in your area of expertise?
2. If so will you have it available as a hard copy as well as an electronic publication?
3. Will it be offered for sale? or available by request?

Let us know your thoughts on the subject. Over the years, I have published many manuals, how-to’s, patterns and pattern books. My experience is – at least in on-line sales, the electronic version is purchased nine times out of ten when given a choice. When at a show or demonstration, the hard copy is purchased eight times out of ten.  Your thoughts?

Take a look at your reading stack – my ebook list is quite long with publications waiting to be read on my IPad, my Playbook, my computer – even my phone. And out of curiosity – what device do you read e-books on?

Debi Katsmar owns and operates YDV Group, a marketing company established in 2001 offering services to small- to medium-sized businesses centred around email marketing and social media management. She offers training and seminars in these areas as well as implementation services. Debi is also an author of several e-books and recently sold her on-line magazine to another publication.  www.ydvgroup.com

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2 Responses to #E-books vs Hard Copy Books – What is your preference?

  1. elizabethgill says:

    I do about 90% of my reading on my Kobo. I still have stacks of books to read and I throw one into the mix every now and then. Having an e reader means not tripping over boxes of books anymore and lighter packing when going away. When I’m out and I see a book I like I snap a pic of the cover with my cell and then download it later from Kobo.

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