Networking Goes Public at Seaway Mall

Members of Networking Niagara

Photo courtesy of Candice Dilts-Armenti / Spotlight Niagara

On Saturday, March 23, 2013 members of Networking Niagara displayed their products and services at Seaway Mall at their first member showcase.  This group of Niagara businesses meet every Tuesday morning for breakfast to network with each other and help grow their businesses through referrals. This process aids in the growth of each business within the group.

This past year has been a busy one for Networking Niagara. They believe in giving back to the community. In October, Networking Niagara joined Riverview Golf Club in putting together a Golf Tournament for Welland’s The Hope Centre. Without the efforts of Networking Niagara and Riverview Golf Club, the 7th Annual Golf for Hope tournament may not have happened this year.

Networking Niagara also holds their own day of golf and social, along with a Christmas party for members. The Seaway Mall showcase was a first-time venture for the group to give the public an idea of the products and services available in the area, as well as offer information about Networking Niagara to other local business owners that may be interested in growing their business through networking.

The day was filled with conversation and interaction. Many stopped by to find out why grass appeared to be growing in the middle of the mall – and just happened to be a putting green to-boot! The businesses represented here offered something for almost everyone, from health and wellness, home maintenance, remodelling, and landscaping to business services, real estate, gardens, turf and promotional items.

To learn more about Networking Niagara and its members, visit

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