1 Person Office: What You Haven’t Thought Of

Self-employment can be wonderful when all things are going according to plan. Add something unexpected and your workload goes to hell in a waste basket pretty quickly. I’m sure if you are self-employed you have thought about the what if’s, but have you done anything about it?

Like many, I thought about it, but hadn’t done anything about it.

Two months ago, my life took a sudden turn when my ‘guy’ became quite ill. With three weeks of driving back and forth to Hamilton Hospital, looking after him at home for a week, then back to the hospital for another week and now a month later still caring for him, business has had to take a back seat.  I found myself running ragged, worrying about him, and trying to keep both my business and his business going throughout. Consequently nothing was done well. Crisis management only.

For the past two weeks, I have done not much more than salvage relationships with clients and try to catch up – oh, I did hire help to catch up. Which brings me back to the question – what happens to your business if you can’t work?

I had asked that myself a million times. I knew the answer, but I didn’t do anything about it. I have now.   Putting a plan in place – just in case is wise. For me it was a little too late.

Thankfully, I have wonderful clients that understood my situation, however me not working isn’t helping their business any. I have lost a few clients, some are still patiently waiting and others I have managed to get the work done.    I have a strong network of people that were willing to help, but — they can’t get all the information that is in my head, not documented.   I also found this out the hard way trying to keep my ‘guy’s’ business going – almost everything for his business was in his head. Considering he was unconscious for 12 days – there was a lot of guess work on my part. Luckily I guessed correctly in most cases.

My advice:
• document everything
• have a backup plan
• hire an assistant, whether in-house or virtual
• and don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow

That last point is me — I don’t do anything until I have to – ‘last-minute Shotz’ as my guy calls me. I am always busy, and always get things done, but just in the nick of time – which quite often gets me in to trouble.

One thing I have learned – I can be quite organized and delegate quite well when I need to. Know the need is less so, as I am working again, but now more efficiently and have found a better way of doing things.

A huge THANK YOU to my clients of which so many of you have become friends,  for your understanding and patience. If I haven’t been in touch I will be soon. It’s good to be back!

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2 Responses to 1 Person Office: What You Haven’t Thought Of

  1. TRCF says:

    Hi Debi, hope that your hubby gets healthy real soon. Best regards, Hank

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