Go Green: On the Move

When it comes to making things go, Joe Mogensen knows how to do that. This weekend he not only held a grand opening along with Dan Gaunt for the new Welland location of Go Green E-Cycles, Joe also moved his St. Catharines location from Cushman Rd to Welland Ave. How ambitious is that?

Go Green E-Cycles now has a full showroom at two locations in Niagara: 329 Welland Ave., St. Catharines complete with full parts and service department; and at 30 Niagara St., Welland. Minor repairs can be completed at the Welland location.  Both Joe and Dan are excited for the added business that will come their way because of the more visible locations. Joe has already seen an increase in traffic after only a few days on Welland Ave.

While the Welland Avenue store in St. Catharines is still under renovations with repairs being completed at their old location until the renovations are complete, it is business as usual. Many of the electric scooters and mobility scooters were on sale for the move and grand opening at both locations.

Every year there are more and more electric bikes on the road with the cost of operating a traditional vehicle, the carbon footprint left behind by cars and trucks, the fact that no license or insurance is required to operate an electric bike, the ease of parking and the relatively inexpensive price tag on the e-bikes – makes for an easy decision for the green conscious and the urbanite.

Electric scooters have come a long way over the years. While you can still buy a traditional-looking electric powered bicycle, some of the models look like small motorcycles and come with radio’s and alarm systems. You can travel quite a distance without a recharge with the advance in technology for the battery that powers these bikes. Some have traditional batteries and others lithium batteries. It all amounts to how much you want to pay. Small and convenient, or make a statement with something like the stealth model.

If you work and shop close to home, an e-bike is a great alternative to getting in the car every day – all you need is a helmet and you’re set to go! Drop by Go Green E-Cycles, speak with Joe or Dan and take a model for a test run! You’ll love it!
Find out more at www.gogreenecycles.com



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