The Lead Generation Hat: Do you wear it well?

leadgenerationhatOperating an SMB is very time-consuming and quite often leaves the small business owner overwhelmed.

Are you overwhelmed? Probably! Are you successful? Probably! Can you be more successful? Probably! 

But, if you’re wearing a number of hats for your business, this doesn’t leave enough time for lead generation to grow your business as fast, or in the direction you would like to see it go.  Time is usually not the only issue, finances are also the issue and if you are like most people – you hate cold calling.

So I have two questions for you:
1. Do you have a website? If the answer is no, why the ‘heck’ not?
2. For those that answered yes to having a website: Is your website working for you? By that I mean, is it generating leads for you? 

How many of you said yes, I have a website, but no to the website generating leads for you? I would guess that a good majority of you do not receive leads from your website.

Well, I have good news – there are a number of ways you can make your website work for you and actually bring you valued leads on a daily basis. Leads that until now, you didn’t even know existed.

I also have bad news – if no one knows you have a website nothing you do to generate leads from the site will work without some leg work in advance to make sure people know about your website.

So first things first!
1. If you don’t have a website – get one!
2. If you do have a website – look at the stats to see how many people are visiting your site – I bet it isn’t as high as you think.
3. Start pushing that website. Make sure it is listed on your business cards, your brochures, your quotes, your invoices, your vehicle, your storefront, within the store, in your email signature. Next if you use social media, drive your fans, followers and connections to your website through your posts.
4. Call a professional to help with Search Engine Optimization, lead generation from your website, list building and customer relationship management.

You will be surprised at how easy it is, once you get the ball rolling….

…. as I said, ‘there is help for lead generation’.



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