Who is your ‘Go-to’ Person for your business?

Everyone has a ‘go-to’ person for advice, a helping hand, to listen to your rants, raves, pet-peeves, ideas, and so on… But what about for your business? Who do you turn to for that advice or to listen to your trials and tribulations?

Every business owner should have at least one other business owner to turn to, if not more. Maybe a mentor, a business coach, a strategist (what exactly is a strategist anyway?), a marketing professional, even a competitor works – they may have ‘been there, done that’ before.

Too often, business owners cannot see what everyone else sees about their business. Why? They are too close. They are not on the receiving end of the products or services they offer, or the promotions they put out.

It helps to look at the business from a customer’s perspective. Ask what the customer wants. Ask friends, employees, competitors, a mentor or business coach what they see and think about the business. Don’t be offended, listen, take notes and move forward with the valuable information received. Believe it – it is valuable information! Even if you don’t thinks so at the time. Criticism regardless of how it is given is sometimes hard to take. But criticism aids in growth.

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.”
― Abraham Lincoln

In case you’re wondering. Our ‘go-to’ person is persons. Our clients!

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