Text Me – SMS Marketing can support your marketing efforts

Staying front and centre in your customers’ eyes is always a challenge, especially in today’s society with so many messages being broadcast through facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, etc., etc.,

Have you considered text messaging your customers? 
There are a number of ways that you can make SMS Marketing (short message service) work for your business.  For example:
Mobile Coupons: a brief message telling your customers of special offer – 2 for 1, 50% off, BOGO – they all work
Appointment Reminders or Special Event announcements are another way to connect with your customers via text messaging
Text-2-Join, Text-2-Win, Text-2-Vote are a few more options.

Maybe you want to remind your customers to read your latest newsletter or better yet – just wish them a Merry Christmas. It can all be done with SMS Marketing.

One thing you need to remember is like other forms of electronic marketing, it needs to be permission-based. Adding Text-2-Join messages to your marketing material, signs in your store, or social posts will get you a permission-based list to start with.

Here’s an example of how to integrate SMS Marketing into your existing advertising. This weekend you are having a huge one day sale. You have ads running in all the local papers, you have posted on facebook and twitter and are now waiting for Saturday to roll around for the sale to begin! Simply add a starburst to your ad: Text DoorCrasher to (your text code) for not advertised specials – up to 75% off.

Not only can you send a text to your existing customers with the Door Crasher offer, you can now draw new customers to your list by adding it to your advertisements.

On the day of the sale – have signs up throughout the store Text (WIN) to (your text code) for a chance to win a prize just for attending the 1 day sale. Again, another opportunity to gain permission, cell numbers and a new marketing base for your on-going marketing efforts.

Give it a try:
Dead Simple Mass Text Messaging

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2 Responses to Text Me – SMS Marketing can support your marketing efforts

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