The Marketing Plan. Do you have one?

The Marketing Plan

Do you have one? 

We Don't Know What We Are DoingJane, walks in to ABC Company offering a full page ad in the local paper for 50% off. Jane tells them how important it is to advertise and considering this is such a great deal at half price, convinces ABC Company to buy the ad. So, now ABC Company has this half price ad, but what do they advertise?

Consider: Does it make sense for the business at this particular moment, or are they simply buying the ad because it is a good deal?

Taking the time to create a marketing plan for your business is well worth the effort. A long-term plan (next 5 years), the current year and quarterly breakdowns should be established. The most detailed will be the monthly plan. This process is much like creating a business plan with concentration on the marketing structure. Take the time to document the plan. It rarely works, if it is in your head.

Stop swimming with the little fish, develop your marketing strategy and get on your way to becoming a BIG fish!

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