Cell phones are changing how we give

Cell phones are changing how we give

Mobile giving

(NC) Since Canadians are known to rally when there’s a good cause – and since most of us have at least one mobile device – take a look at this creative idea that combines both principles.

  The Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC) allows mobile users to donate $5, $10, $20 or $25 to their favourite charity with a simple text message. A call-to-action may come from an ad on the radio or television, or even on social media, letting donors know they can text a keyword to a specific short code to instantly pledge a donation to a registered charity. The entire donation goes to the recipient charity, and the donation appears as a charge on the donor’s monthly wireless phone bill as a tax exempt charitable gift.

  While many mobile campaigns are initiated by a specific event, as seen with the outpouring of donations for disaster relief following the flooding in Alberta, there are currently 125 registered Canadian charities that offer mobile giving as a part of their ongoing fundraising strategies. Text message donations are very popular as they can be made anytime and anywhere. Since 2010, MGFC has collected $1.6 million for Canadian charities.

  If you would like to make a charitable donation from your mobile phone, or if you are a Canadian non-profit organization that is interested in mobile giving and want more information, visitwww.mobilegiving.ca or contact support@mobilegiving.ca. The Web site also allows mobile users to obtain an official income tax receipt for all donations initiated and completed through text message.


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