Are you afraid to LIKE and Comment on Facebook?

unfollowpostIf I had a nickel for every time I have been told, ‘yes, I saw your post and wanted to comment, but I didn’t want my email inundated with the responses from everyone else, so I didn’t’, I would be rich!

Did you know! You can shut off email and notifications on specific posts! It is quite simple to do and takes seconds to do.

How? Simple. After you comment on a post, simply click the down arrow that appears beside the post and select ‘unfollow post’. This stops the notifications for future comments after your comments. If you don’t do this, you will get notified each time someone else comments to the same post.

If you truly want to see other’s comments, don’t change anything.

An example of when to ‘unfollow’ a post would be:
Your teenage son posts on facebook some ridiculously silly thing he is about to do. You feel the absolute need to comment, but know your email and phone will start notifying you every few minutes from new comments on the post, given the number of friends your son has that will undoubtedly comment as well.  By clicking the unfollow link after you post your reminder to ‘smartin’ up’, no notifications will come your way.

You can use this for birthday wishes, sympathy messages or controversial posts that you know will get a large response.

The ‘unfollow post’ link is a great feature of facebook to know about. In this way, you may comment a little more often, knowing you can shut off the responses if you do not want the notifications.


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