Which social platform works best for business?

socialiconsAlmost every business owner asks the question ‘What social platform works best for business?’ We hear it time and time again.

The reason they ask is if they are going to embrace social media, they want to spend the least amount of time with the most benefit. Of course this is true of almost everything a business owner does. With social media, however it is not usually this simple.

In truth – there is no right answer to the question ‘which social platform works best for business?’

Here are a few qualifiers we use before making recommendations for our customers, not necessarily in this order:
1. How tech-savvy is the client or the staff member assigned to social media marketing for the business?
2. Does the client currently use facebook personally and how comfortable are they with it? How many friends do they have and the percentage of personal friends vs business friends?
3. How much of their business do they conduct on their cell phones? Do they receive and respond to emails, read news items, etc. on their cell phones?
4. I ask to see their existing marketing material for insight in to their current marketing efforts. I look to see if they provide ‘useful’ information or simply a sales pitch.
5. Is the client a story-teller?
6. Of course, the industry or nature of their business is important as well
7. Target market: consumers, b2b, etc?
8. And finally, we ask if the business hosts events, offers workshops, etc.

There are actually quite a few more questions we ask, however this is a good beginning. We ask these questions to get a feel for what the business would be capable of accomplishing by utilizing social media in the most efficient manner and with the least effort possible. Social media works better if it comes naturally.

How do we determine what to recommend: Many times the recommendations are based on the answers above.

For example — We are not likely to recommend twitter to a business owner that never uses a cell phone. Twitter tends to be more instantaneous and requires a certain amount of diligence in responses, sharing and viewing of tweets. Twitter is just easier with a cell phone in our experience. It can be managed from a computer as well, however – the twitter accounts that do extremely well in attracting followers and engaging those followers are those where their operator is always active, providing photos and tweets on the go.

If you have questions about social media, or would like an opinion about your business, please email debi@ydvgroup.com with your question, or for a no obligation mini-analysis of your marketing.


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