Web domains will never be the same gTLD

Have you heard about the new gTLDs available for your website. What’s a gTLD you ask?

gTLD:  generic Top Level Domain 

tldsMove over .com, .ca, .org, .net and make room for .auto, .food, .music, .marketing, .eco, .guru and more.

Domain name extensions have been opened to allow for creation of new extensions to specifically gear your domain to the nature of your business. For example: Our website could be http://www.ydvgroup.marketing instead of www.ydvgroup.com. This will be a definite asset for businesses like mine that do not say what they do in the name and allow for search engines to pick up your main content easily.  Currently, a number of TLDs have already been released with more being released each month. Check here to see if the TLD you would want is available yet or when it is expected to be launched.

For the big brands, it means even more. Large brands can bid to have a TLD created for their brand so Nike’s website could be http://www.nike.nike for example. This feature does not come cheap however we’re pretty sure the big brands will pay to get their own TLD. For the average business and if you wait for general availability, average domain registration fees apply. We have pre-registered for ydvgroup.marketing as .marketing has not been released yet.

What do you think – will this take hold? Do you see a rush to get specific extensions quickly or will businesses wait? Let us know your thoughts.


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