Busy People Get ‘er Done

to do list 2How many times have you heard ‘If you want something done, give it to a busy person’?

Have you ever wondered why? I can tell you.

Busy people are organized.

The most successful people in business have a daily ritual of items to be completed. In many cases, one of those items is a daily to do list. This keeps priorities straight, offers a workload method and more importantly gives a sense of accomplishment when an item on the list is checked off!

Sure, there are probably thousands of on-line to-do list tools available. Your email software has one built-in, more than likely so does your accounting software and your CRM system. And believe me I use them all. But, I find the only to-do list that truly keeps me organized is the one I manually write-out each and every morning before starting my day.

Why? I can re-prioritize it each day for one. The biggest reason however is, it keeps what I have to do fresh in my mind at the beginning of the day. As the day progresses, I cross out each item I accomplish. When feeling unproductive, I only have to glance at my to-do list to see what I truly have accomplished. In most cases, it is quite a lot. Nothing feels better than crossing off an item and moving on to the next one.  Funny — I don’t get the same feeling of accomplishment by checking a box on a computer file.

The handwritten list also lets me easily add to the list with each phone call or email that comes in throughout the day. Rarely is something forgotten by using this method as everything from going to the bank, appointments, calls to make and projects to be completed are written down. The one problem with my system is that the list is never empty, nor is it ever complete.

I guess that is a good thing however — if my to-do list had nothing in it, I probably wouldn’t have a business to worry about keeping track of what I had to do for it.

You have probably tried a number of different to-do list tools in the past. So, one more won’t hurt – Visit and LIKE my facebook page and get my free download for the handy Daily To-Do List form. Click the Download button if you have previously liked my page.

Print enough forms for each day of the week. Try it and let me know if I’m right.

Oh – and for a real sense of accomplishment. I never create a to-do list on Saturday and Sunday. Even though I work through the weekends, I work from Friday’s list throughout the weekend, usually catching up on all the items that were moved from one day to another. So…. comes Monday morning, the list is not as long and it can build again!

Good luck.

No one plans to fail, they simply fail to plan. 


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