Debi Katsmar – an enthusiastic, workaholic!

Debi is the owner of several businesses that keep her working from 6am until 11pm, 7 days a week. Her clients are glad to know she is available almost 24/7.  Almost – she does have to sleep.

About Debi K
A go-getter, Debi has worked in the marketing industry for the past 30 years. Initially starting as a typesetter and working her way up through the ranks. She now operates her own marketing agency. In her spare time – which is rare, she enjoys crocheting, horseback riding, leather tooling and reading.

YDV Group is the name in which Debi groups her companies as they are diverse.

Your Design Vehicle (YDV Group) is her marketing agency specializing in email marketng, event management, and social media management. Other services offered include graphic design, web design, copywriting, photography and media liaison. Her clients are mainly in the Niagara Region of Ontario, but include international clients as well. YDV Group is a Constant Contact Solution Provider and Authorized Local Expert.

Connecting Niagara Daily is a social media based information network for residents of Niagara to stay informed of news, events and information. For advertisers it is a unique venue that combines print, web and social media advertising for one-low price.  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Crochet-Do-Dads/38404996750

Tell Them Debi Sent You is Debi’s own referral network. By utilizing social media, mainly twitter, Debi posts and retweets information about local business that she runs across. Her blogs quite regularly feature local business and are used to enhance the referral network that she has created. Be sure to tell her if you received a referral this way. http://www.twitter.com/@HorseDoDads

Equine Niagara NewsEquine Niagara News was published by Debi and provided a source for equestrians to keep informed of all things ‘horse’ in Niagara.  After successfully building the magazine for three years, and no longer having horses of her own, Debi sold the magazine to another equestrian publication here in Ontario. They are keeping it going strong.
Crochet Do Dads

Crochet Do Dads an on-line store featuring crochet patterns designed by Debi. Her latest addition to the sight is her first pattern book, Horse Lover’s Crochet 1,  that includes 15 equine crochet patterns. Her patterns are sold worldwide and have been featured in magazines and published in books.

Horse Do DadsHorse Do Dads is both an on-line store and a distributor of equestrian products, some designed and produced by Debi K herself. The on-line store features products sold to the general public, while Debi works behind the scenes with other tack stores as a distributor of select equestrian products.http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Horse-Do-Dads/185319754843528

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