Social Media Management

Social Media Management encompasses a variety of marketing engagement on behalf of our clients. Depending on your level of participation, we have packages from setup of your social media sites, training and complete social media management services for the busy executive.

SM Evaluation:YDV will take a look at your complete web presence – from your website through all your social media sites and blog, providing a written evaluation of how you can better your web presence through coordination of all your sites, ultimately consolidating your efforts to maximize results.

SM Start-Up:
This package is for:
A) the business that does not currently have a social media presence; OR
B)A business that wants to better their existing social media presence.

YDV will either create three social media profiles for your business, or revamp up to 3 social media sites offering consistency and consolidation throughout.

If your business should choose to maintain your social media sites after we’ve created them, we will train you how to maximize your time to keep your sites current and active with ease of preparation, input and production. Training services are also available to those businesses that have not utilized our setup services, but want to learn more about managing their social media presence.

Complete Management:
Here we take the time to really learn your business, schedule bi-weekly planning meetings (phone, email or in-person) to discuss your marketing plans and implement them. These services include daily monitoring of your social media sites, posting links, status updates, relevant information to your business and writing your blogs. This package is tailored to each business as required.

Other services available to compliment the above include web design, graphic design and email marketing.


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